How does it work?

1. Register here, by visiting our shop.
2. You will then receive an email confirmation which tells you what to do next.
3. Complete your profile (the more information that you provide then the better are your chances of being matched. Be honest and you will receive the same back).
4. Search for those looking for similar ‘meets’ as you.

Example 1  Dave wants to go to the theatre but not on his own and can only manage a Thursday evening. Jane wants to go to the theatre anytime but not on her own. Dave and Jane arrange to meet at a bar nearby and both enjoy an evening at the theatre.

Example 2  Jane is at a conference and spending 3 days in a hotel cooped up in the evenings, bored. She logs onto our website enters her current location and searches. Jane and Mary make a match.

Mary would like to try the new Italian restaurant not far from her home but doesn’t like to eat on her own. Together they arrange their ‘meet’ for the following evening. The next evening Jane and Mary share a meal at a local Italian restaurant that Mary was happy recommending.

Example 3  Shelia is new to the area likes walking and wants to explore the countryside. Brian and Mary walk 3 times a week. Last week they walked 5 miles before stopping for a break. Shelia had a great walk, met two new friends and found a lovely place to revisit.

Dave, Jane, Mary and Shelia all have the option  to exchange contact details for future ‘meets’ or they can say thank you for the ‘meet’ walk away and never have to see each other again.