Why use us?

If you are fed-up, tired and exhausted from the whole online meeting experience. You’ve had enough of time wasters, cheats and liars. You’re tired of hearing the same old lines from various people then you need not another datingsite.

By using our website you can meet different people from all walks of life simply because you both happen to be in a similar situation at that time.

We offer a unique opportunity to arrange ‘meets’ with like-minded people in a similar situation to you. So whether you work unsocial hours, new to an area or just want to increase your social life –  not another datingsite facilitates this.

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If you have an engagement to attend,  want to go out for a meal, cinema, play golf, you’re new to an area, you’re on a business trip and stuck in a hotel or, you are simply looking to expand your social network, you should use not another datingsite to arrange your ‘meets’.