Be honest

Be honest with yourself?

Now a days, we need great awareness in finding a potential partner. There is more to dating than simply swiping left or right and wiping left or right is probably not the best way to meet a potential new partner. Relationships take time so you should take your time and by asking many questions until you feel comfortable to meet. Before getting back into the dating scene these are a few questions you should be asking yourself.

  • What do you want or expect from a dating website?
  • Do you ignore ‘red flags’ because someone looks nice or talks well?
  • Can you spot warning signs or tell if your ‘potential’ already has a partner?
  • Is a potential partner just wanting UK citizenship at your expense?
  • Is anyone being evasive or not happy you asking questions.
  • Would they mind you searching their social media presence.

Don’t drop your standards for a nice smile or good chat. By valuing yourself you stand a better chance of success. This doesn’t happen overnight and nor should it. However, you need to be using appropriate websites and looking in the right places.

If you are looking at cheap websites the chances are your potential partner maybe amongst the masses. Sorting the good from  the bad can be exhausting. Searching ‘well-known’ dating websites does not guarantee you anything new or different and many of the popular websites have one thing in common – getting your money.

They don’t really care about your dating experience. They only really care if you pay for another months subscription.

You deserve a better service. However, to get a better service you also have to try and be better or try something different to the norm.